Friday, October 7, 2011

Anniversary Giveaway!

OK peeps, it's time for the next big giveaway.
In my last post, I shared that it was
Imago's Photogiversary.
That's right, it's been
since the picture-taking fun began.

What better way to celebrate than to do a

This prize comes just in time for the holiday season.
Just think of how you could use your new photos of
you, your family, and/or your kiddies for Christmas time joy.

Here's what one lucky winner will receive:
*a free mini-session for up to 5 people
(30-45 minutes working your magic for the camera
in a lovely location of your choice)
*8-10 creatively edited, high-resolution images on CD
(with permission to print)

So, want a chance to win this bad boy?
All you need to do is comment on this blog
or on Imago's facebook page with how you would use
your FREE PHOTO images.

Boudoir session for the honey?
Calendar gift for grandma?
Gallery prints of the family?
The possibilities are practically endless.

The winner will be drawn at random on Friday, October 21st at 8pm.
Free session will need to be booked and completed by Nov. 15th
to ensure timely delivery for the holiday season.
If you are having trouble or can't comment on either facebook
or this blog, then shoot me an email with your response over at

One total entry only please through
the facebook and blog methods.
Stay tuned for another way to get entered
in the giveaway contest up to 5 times!


  1. In the three years Joe and I have been married we've never sent out Christmas cards. It would be nice to be "all grown up" this year and send out christmas photo cards to our families (especially those up north). I guess that's what we would do.

  2. Congrats on one year! We love the photos you took of Weston (and the photos you did for Meredith, Stefanie and Aimee) and would love to do it all over again for his 18 month/Christmas pictures. I'm a photography junkie and photos of my little guy melt my heart. :)
    ~ Melissa Schober

  3. Hmmm. Not entirely sure. Don't have a family, not married, but I'm sure some fun photos could still be taken.

  4. Every year I send out Christmas postcards to my ministry partners, family and friends. Every year I spend at least 2 hours trying to find or take a decent picture of myself. It's been 10 years since I had professional photos, so it would be fun to have a session with you, Melonie! Yes, you can "doll me up." :)

  5. Hi Melonie! What a great way to celebrate your first year in business! My husband and I have a new baby and we've never had pictures made either as a couple or as family. Of course we'd share with other family members, but I would love to have a beautiful shot or two of my family just to always remember how precious this time is.

  6. Congrats on the big anniversary ! Well, we live 10,000 miles away from all our family and have an 18 month old whom they have never met in person ;( This would be a great way of sharing the joys of our litle one with them. So I really Hope we luck out :)))

  7. Whoo hoo! Congratulations on one year! Well, in light of the fact that Trevor and I just got married, I would use the pictures to send out our first Christmas card as "The Haucks" (budget-willing) and in celebration of our Lord's birth!

  8. Happy Anniversary!! I am headed for the mission field, South East Asia, and would love to have a great pic for my magnet card for the folks who will be supporting me with prayer and finances. Likely, they will have me up on their fridge and be looking at that pic every morning and evening or maybe even more frequently...depends on how many times they go to the fridge. I DO hope my pic makes it to the fridge!!