Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Come on Over...

Hello, blog followers.
I so appreciate you checking in here
to keep up with my photography work.

In an effort to simplify, I've condensed my blogs
in to one official site for all of my posts,
including Imago photography sneak peaks and announcements.

Please come on over and follow me at my new location:

Monday, January 30, 2012

Just Jess.

This here is my friend Jessica.
She is crazy beautiful.

Did I mention she was crazy?
As in balls of fun, spontaneous, and delightful?
It's one of my favorite things about her.

Did I mention that she was bee-you-tee-ful?
I mean geesh.
Just look at her.

Thanks for being an always willing muse,
my as-pretty-on-the-inside-
as-you-are-on-the-outside friend. :)

Joel + Melody

This sweet couple is getting married!

It was so much fun to be inspired by their young love,
& their willingness to ham it up, be themselves
and have fun in front of the camera.
You made my job easy!

All the best to you Joel & Melody.

Monday, January 9, 2012

It's A....

They say that imitation is
the highest form of flattery.

So, somewhere in Pinterest land,
someone should be very flattered...

Lesley found this AWESOME Pinterest-inspired idea
to reveal the gender of their new little lamb
during our photo shoot.

They were so patient,
leaving a sealed envelope on their fridge for a WEEK
in order to keep the surprise until this moment...

I was stoked and almost as excited as the parents-to-be!

Looks like big sister Sarah will be joined
by a new little SISTER.

There's a baby girl in that bump!

Thanks L family for letting me be a part of such a special surprise!

She Said Yes!!!

On New Year's Eve,
I was privileged to be a part of something
very spectacular.

Sweet guy Michael decided to ask the beautiful Kristie
to be his wife.

And I hid in the bushes
and captured her response.

I was working undercover, folks.

Now, that's a way to end a year!
Congrats to the happy couple!

Cannon's Big Day!

This precious little guy is Cannon.

You wouldn't know it,
but he was the one that was taking up
the space in momma's belly this past summer.

He showed up to his baptism
Melt my American heart.

His beautiful Momma hails from Scotland,
so he channelled his roots
and was stylin' for this oh-so-special occasion.

Welcome to the Kingdom sweet boy!

The B Family

Meet the B Family.
Cathy and her "boys" were a ball of fun
on an early morning shoot at Leu Gardens.

This little guy just turned one...
Happy Birthday Owen!

And here's Carter, the proud big brother.

Wishing you love

and sunshine
in 2012.