Monday, October 10, 2011

Second way to enter for the giveaway!

If you are coming over to learn about
all of details for my anniversary giveaway,
please click HERE.

If you'd like to increase your chances of winning
the free MINI-PHOTO shoot,
then please help me to spread the word
about my photography business by emailing your
friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and/or family,
that might be interested in my services.

Please include the following in your email:
1.) my website address:
{which has a link to my blog, facebook fan page, and website}
2.) copy me in to the email {}
so that I can keep a tally of your giveaway contest entries.
3.) and if you are feeling extra kind and want to share,
refer them to my blog so that they too can enter for the giveaway. :)

Each person may have a total of up to 5 entries for this giveaway.
Which means that if you've entered on the blog or facebook,
then email 20 friends (for a total of 4 more entries)
and you've got your 5.
If you didn't enter on the blog or facebook,
then email 25 friends for your 5 chances.

Okay? Okay.
Thanks for your help in spreading the word.
Can't wait to pick a winner. :)


  1. When you say 5 entries, does that mean the people we send your information to will "vote" for us or does it mean we can post 5 times on the facebook and/or blog page?

  2. hey lindzee...see above again. i clarified it more...was hoping it wasn't too wordy, but then it ended up being vague. thanks for asking!