Thursday, December 8, 2011

The W Family Take #2

I'm thrilled to bits
to welcome back the W family.
they have added this little man to their crew.

Cutie, right?

I love the thought of being your "family photographer."
Getting to watch kids and families grow.
What an honor.

And just for fun, I'd like to show you
what the majority of family shots
end up looking like.
Only 2 of 5 looking at the camera, or
person A distracted by trying to make
person B look at the camera.
(person B looking perfect btw.)
But, alas...
It's nothing a little persistence and photoshop can't fix.

{Sweet Jules has got many other killer faces too.
Man, I love her spunk!}

And before I digress further,
here's the rest of the W family's mini-sesh preview.

Thanks for the privilege of working with your lovely family. :)

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