Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Cover Model" Contest Details!

Okay, here are the details for
the last official giveaway
leading up to the launch
of Imago Photography's official website.

Vote for your FAVORITE photo
to be featured on the website cover page...
you can make someone a cover model. :)

The picture that receives the most votes
will be featured front and center
on Imago Photography's NEW website.

How do you vote?
Glad you asked.

Vote for a picture by COMMENTING on this blog post
on which # is your favorite and why you love it.
The photo that receives the most votes
will be printed for the winner in
a FREE 8x10 or 10x13 copy of their star portrait.
{Their choice!!}

(You can also vote for this contest on
Imago Photography's facebook fan page.
Results will be tallied from both sources
in order to determine the winners.)

And to offer a little voting incentive,
I will throw in a free photo shoot
to a random commenter
with 25-30 images on cd for you to use at your discretion.
If you live far away from Central Florida,
don't let that stop you from voting!!
We could schedule a sesh while you are here
vacationing in the sunshine state!!

Are you ready?!
Here are your choices for favorite photo:

{PHOTO #1}

{PHOTO #2}

{PHOTO #3}

{PHOTO #4}

{PHOTO #5}

{PHOTO #6}

{PHOTO #7)

{PHOTO #8}

{PHOTO #9}

{PHOTO #10}

{PHOTO #11}

{PHOTO #12}

{PHOTO #13}

{PHOTO #14}

{PHOTO #16}

{PHOTO #17}
It was so hard to narrow down to this many.
So many photogenic people.
So much personality.

Now, my job gets easier...
because it's in your hands!

Voting will run through 8pm on Sunday, June 26th.

*Only one vote per person please.
*If you don't have a google account,
you can still comment.
Just be sure to leave your name with your comment.
*Please do "follow" this blog to hear about future announcements
and see the latest photography adventures.
*If you live far away from Orlando, I'd be happy
to enter you in the giveaway...then you'd have
a great excuse for a vacay to the sunshine state. :)

UPDATE: some of you are having trouble.
*Click on the blue hyperlink just below to comment...
it says "12 comments" or however many there are now.
Then, it will take you to the magical comment place.


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  2. Favorite is #3. Coloring, background and cute little smile would totally make me want to check out the rest of your site.

  3. I like photo number 10. I like that it shows an older person on a swing having fun - laughing and seems like is just having fun during this photo shoot. The lighting and the angle are great - Alexandra Vargas

  4. I loved #3...beautiful color, composition and captured the beauty of this baby! I also thought #17 was artistically beautiful...color, composition, clarity and again captured a reflective side of this handsome guy! Both of these project quality and an 'eye' for people.

  5. 3, 10, or 14. It depends on the target market. Are you targeting kids, families, or anyone at-large? If you're targeting kids and/or families, then #3 gets my vote!

  6. Photo #6 - Adorable kid with an interesting and colorful background.

    (#9 & #10 were close runner-ups)

    Mike Nickoson

  7. #17 is my favorite - beautiful lighting and you captured a wonderfully thoughtful expression on your model
    #3 is my second favorite - love the brick backdrop and you could not have found a cuter kid :)

    Those are my two-cents ;)
    Becky V.

  8. #8. Absolutely. The perspective, angle, and out-of-focus background paired with a precious expression on her face make it a flawless photo. Great front-page shot!

    #3 runs a VERY CLOSE second. Would have chosen it instead had the background been more distant and out-of-focus.

  9. #3, good color and a great shot overall.

  10. #3 for sure. love the look you captured on her face and the angle is great and the bricks look cool behind her head, very artistic.And shes just such a cutie!!

  11. I pick #10.

    Casey picks #3.

    Can't wait to see the new site.

  12. I like #3 best. There's something about the juxtaposition of a cherubic, round face with the hard, rectangular cobbles ... It brings out the beauty in each by contrast. They're all lovely, Melonie, and I'm really happy that you've found this passion!

  13. Great Photos Mel! I loved #8. Great perspective, the subject takes up most of the photo, background bricks give an interesting background without distracting from the subject, that girls expression is terrific, and it is a very sharp photo. Best of luck with your new business! Bernie

  14. i vote for #3... love it... and that kid. #8 was a close runner up for me as well... these are all great!

  15. I vote for #3. #10 is my second place.

    Love the brick background and the simplicity of #3, and the subtle smile of the little girl.

    As for #10—It looks great, and it's so rare to see any kind of art that respects and honors older people. It's a great photo in its own right, but I also love that it features an older man.

    Hope you are well, Melonie!!!

  16. Felicity's photo is still the one that sticks out to me, over and over. Also, I do love the one of us for a family sense. But I would vote Felicity, then Sydney's, then us. All are so good. Sorry it took so long to respond.

  17. Absolute favorite- #3! Although #10 was a close second. I just can't stop looking at #3- her expression, the simple but interesting/textured background, the angle- it's just a great shot. As for #10- it feels like you captured that sweet man's personality, which is rare.

    All are beautiful though, Mel!! I still wish you could do some belly/newborn shots with me way out here in Portland. (Ok, I'll stop. Promise. ;)

  18. I was going to have to vote for 4, 5 or 16 because that lady is super hot!