Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Giveaway "Twinner"

Meet the winner of my latest photo shoot giveaway:

This is the beautiful Kathleen.
This lovely lady is about to be the mother of 4 boys!
4 boys 4 and under...!
That's right, there are boy twinsies
in momma's belly.
Here, we have the big brothers:
Let's just say that little "big brother"
might not be ready for this transition.
Sharing a firetruck with one brother
is hard enough!

The soon-to-be party of 6.
This goes down as one of my
all-time favorite photos!
I love when people feel free to
be just who they are!
Biggest brother reporting for duty:
They call this little guy a "pistol."
And that he is. A cute pistol. :)

And yes, she really is this sweet and genuine.
All the best to you R fam as you add to
doubly to your family. :)

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