Monday, January 31, 2011

J Graduating.

Meet Jonathan. He's a soccer-playing musician. And he's graduating from high school this year. So, we gathered at Rollins to partake in one of America's rite of passage moments: senior portraits. We had lots of fun even before the evening turned a little crazy. Enjoy some of the best shots:

Enter the craziness. We heard something weird and noticed off in the distance a car swimming in a lake.
Looked a little something like this.
Normal car, right?
Meet "Amphicar."
The owner was such a peach that when we approached him to learn more about this wonder, he offered to take my graduating client on an adventure. Since I was being paid to capture his image, I opted out of the boat trip. (Dang it!) But, I was able to photograph the whole experience.

Hey normal car! Careful by that there water!
Looks like we are at a theme park.
I will never be able to offer a cooler portrait session
to a senior boy ever. Look at him in the passenger seat!
The owner of the amphicar. With complete strangers. In a lake. In a car.
Almost done.
This goes down in the history of me as one of the most interesting things I have ever witnessed. So glad I had my camera! Thanks Jonathan for a great shoot!

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